Anquan Boldin Rookie Football Card

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Anquan Boldin rookie cards have become very popular with collectors especially after last years Super Bowl run.  Even though there was much talk of Boldin being traded during the draft he resigned with the Cardinals as they try to make it back to the big game again.  Anquan Boldin rookie cards are not very expensive which gives them a lot of upside.  His toughness draws collectors in to purchasing his cards like his Topps Chrome Rookie or his 2003 Topps Finest Rookie card.  It is still early to tell if Anquan Boldin is Hall of Fame quality or not but his potential and ability make hime one of the top 5 recievers in the NFL.  His Topps Chrome Rookie Card can be purchased for about $10-$15.

Anquan Boldin best Rookie Card- 2003 Topps Rookie Premiere Autograph Rookie Card.

Investment Potential-Anquan Boldin cards are great investemnts as long as he can stay healthy. Due to his style of play that might not be easy for him to do.  His physical nature might wear on him.  His explosiveness and hunger foir the game gives him a 3.5 out of 5 rating when it comes to investment potential.
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