Best Bo Jackson Rookie Cards

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Born “Vincent Edward Jackson”, he played professional football and professional baseball, which is one reason people enjoy collecting the Bo Jackson rookie card. He was the first professional athlete to be named “All Star” in two major American sports. Although drafted by the New York Yankees in 1981, he accepted a football scholarship with Auburn University where he excelled but eventually moved up to play with the Oakland Raiders. However, when drafted in 1986 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jackson switched to professional baseball with the Kansas City Royals where he contributed to the World Series championship. In 1987, he moved from the minors to play baseball full-time as an outfielder. He would become famous for his wall run that occurred in a 1990 game against the Orioles. Running full speed toward a ball but realizing at the last minute he was going to hit it, Bo Jackson literally ran up the wall and then ran along the wall parallel to the ground, not only making the catch but without injury. Bo Jackson would also spend time with the Chicago White Sox and California Angels and because of his career achievements, 1993 AL Comeback Player of the Year Award and 1989 30-home run season, among others, his 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson Rookie Card, 50T graded and the 1987 Topps #170 Bo Jackson Rookie Card are nice to own but also easy to find and priced less than $5 online and through in-person merchants.

Some of the most valuable Bo Jackson rookie cards and baseball cards are very hard to find in good condition. This is due to bad printing in the factory as well as colored borders. A great example of this is the 1987 Topps Bo Jackson rookie card which is often found very off-center. The 1988 Topps Bo Jackson football rookie card is another great card that is often found off-center. These cards as well as many other make Bo Jackson baseball cards very valuable in Mint 9 condition or better. Here is a list of some of the best Bo Jackson rookie cards of all-time. This list includes some of his many baseball cards and football cards.

Top 5 Bo Jackson Rookie Cards

1987 Classic Green Bo Jackson rookie card
1987 Topps Bo Jackson rookie card
1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson rookie card
1986 Fleer Update Bo Jackson rookie card
1988 Topps Bo Jackson rookie football card

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  1. Al Walker says:

    I have a card that has a picture of Bo Jackson on front with half his body is baseball uniform and other half is his football uniform. Manufacture of card ? Have never seen one like it yet. Has both baseball and football stats on back.Value ? Stats end in 1989. So card was manufactured around 1989.

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