Best Carlos Beltran Rookie Cards

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Carlos Beltran rookie cards are some of the hottest cards in the hobby. They are getting even hotter now as the trade deadline nears.  The Mets are looking to trade Beltran to a contender and there are many teams that are willing to make a move.  If Beltran gets traded to a top contender you can expect his rookie cards to get a nice boost.

Injury problems have caused many of the best Carlos Beltran rookie cards to fall in price.  He has had a great comeback season which has brought back some serious attention to his rookie cards.

Determining the Value of Carlos Beltran Rookie Cards

The cost of a Carlos Beltran rookie is determined by a few elements. Condition is the most important thing to consider before buying any sports card. The better the condition the more the Carlos Beltran rookie card is worth.  Scarcity is also an important element when figuring out just how much a Carlos Beltran rookie card is worth. Some of his better cards are the hardest to find.

Most Valuable Carlos Beltran Rookie Card- 1995 SP Minors Carlos Beltran rookie card.  This is also his costliest rookie card.

Best Carlos Beltran Rookie Cards- These are some of the best Beltran cards ever created. Many of these baseball cards are much undervalued because of his injury problems.  Now is a great time to start picking some of these cards up if they are in premium condition.

  • 1995 SP Minors Carlos Beltran rookie card
  • 1995 Topps Traded Carlos Beltran rookie card
  • 1997 Bowman Carlos Beltran rookie card

Carlos Beltran rookie cards make great investments. Carlos Beltran autograph cards are also very popular collectibles. If Beltran can stay healthy his baseball cards have a great chance of rising to the top of buyers want lists.
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