Brett Favre Rookie Football Card

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Brett Favre Rookie cards have always been popular with collectors. The ultimate team player and long lasting consistancy has Brett Favre being regarded as one of the greatest football players of all-time. His passion for the game make it hard to argue the point. His numerous Super Bowl titles and amazing success with the Green Bay Packers has brought card collectors searching to own almost any of his popular rookie cards. Now that Favre is with the Minnesota Vikings he has taken his legendary career even further. With the help of Adrian Peterson, Favre is on his way to challenge for another Super Bowl title. Some of Brett Favre's most popular rookie cards are his 1991 Stadium Club rookie, 1991 Upper Deck rookie, and his 1991 Star Pics Rookie Card

Brett Favre best Rookie Card- 1991 Stadium Club Rookie card and his 1000 Stripe 1991 Wild Card rookie (Very Rare)

Investment Potential- Your money is safe no matter what Brett Favre rookie card you buy as long as you do not over pay. He gets a 5 out of 5 rating for your return on investment which is the highest rating we can give. Great cards to investment for a legendary player.
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