Adrian Beltre Rookie Cards Value

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Adrian Beltre rookie cards are worth a lot of money! Part of the reason that Beltre has so many cards on the rise is due to his amazing play on the field.  Adrian posted some amazing numbers last year with the Boston Red Sox.  The Rangers signed Beltre during the off-season giving them one of […]

Top 3 Victor Martinez Rookie Cards

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Still active in MLB, buying a Victor Martinez rookie card should be seen as a great investment with potential for increased value.  Currently, the 2002 Donruss Victor Martinez Rookie Card #88 and the 2003 Fleer Tradition #449 Rookie Card with the Cleveland Indians sell for less than $5. Value of Victor Martinez Rookie Cards The […]

Value of Tris Speaker Baseball Cards

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As a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, any Tris Speaker baseball cards would be a good investment.  Considering everything he accomplished and provided to the game of baseball, the price of most cards is reasonable.  The 1961 Tris Speaker Vintage Exhibit Card sells for about $60 whereas the 1923 W515-1 Tris Speaker #28 Baseball Card […]

Value of Tony Perez Baseball Cards

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Anyone interested in building up a baseball collection with solid players should look at the various options for Tony Perez baseball cards.  These cards are not only affordable but also sold online and in-person.  An autographed 1986 Topps Tony Perez Baseball Card,  is as low as $40.  Then for an autographed 1965 Topps #581 HOF […]

Value of Ted Williams Baseball Cards

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After 21 years with the Boston Red Sox, it is no wonder that Ted Williams baseball cards are so popular.  Although price depends on type and condition of the card, a few examples include a 1941 Play Ball #14 Ted Williams HOF Baseball Card, graded  that sells for about $7,000, a 1956 Topps #5 Ted […]

Top 3 Roger Clemens Rookie Cards

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There are many reasons to purchase a Roger Clemens rookie card.  An autographed 1984 Fleer Update Roger Clemens Rookie Card with a mint grade  sells between $400 and $500.  Called “Rocket”, Clemens was an impressive player but someone surrounded with controversy. Value of Roger Clemens Rookie Cards The price of a Roger Clemens rookie card […]