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Some of the best Asdrubal Cabrera rookie cards make great investments. The young Indians 2nd baseman has put up some amazing unexpected power numbers this season.  Cabrera is also a gold glove middle infielder making him one of the elite up and coming players in the major leagues.  Asdrubal Cabrera rookie cards are very undervalued.  […]

Top 3 Victor Martinez Rookie Cards

by on April 19, 2011

Still active in MLB, buying a Victor Martinez rookie card should be seen as a great investment with potential for increased value.  Currently, the 2002 Donruss Victor Martinez Rookie Card #88 and the 2003 Fleer Tradition #449 Rookie Card with the Cleveland Indians sell for less than $5.

Value of Victor Martinez Rookie Cards

The […]

As a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, any Tris Speaker baseball cards would be a good investment.  Considering everything he accomplished and provided to the game of baseball, the price of most cards is reasonable.  The 1961 Tris Speaker Vintage Exhibit Card sells for about $60 whereas the 1923 W515-1 Tris Speaker #28 Baseball Card […]

Top 3 Shin Soo Choo Rookie Cards

by on April 17, 2011

Although only with the MLB a short time, buying the Shin Soo Choo rookie card is a worthwhile purchase.  The 2005 Bowman Draft #151 Shin Soo Choo PROS Rookie Card for the Seattle Mariners is a steal at just $2.

Value of Shin Soo Choo Rookie Cards

The price of a Shin Soo Choo rookie […]

Quite an impressive ballplayer, a Juan Gonzalez rookie card is a nice addition to a baseball collection.  The 1990 Fleer #297 Rookie Card with a high  grade is usually sold for about $40.

Value of Juan Gonzalez  Rookie Cards

The price of a Juan Gonzalez  rookie card is determined by a few factors. The […]

The value of Joe Jackson baseball cards will always remain high. Although well-known for his part in the black Sox scandal, Jackson put up Hall of Fame numbers although he has never been voted in.

Value of Joe Jackson Rookie Cards

The price of a Joe Jackson rookie card is determined by a few […]