Value of Emmitt Smith Football Cards

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Emmitt Smith football cards, to include the Emmitt Smith rookie card is an excellent investment for any card collection.  While the traditional cards can be purchased or $5 to $65 on average, the 1990 90 Score Emmitt Smith Rookie Card with a grade of 9 goes for around $275. Value of Emmitt Smith Rookie Cards […]

Value of Deion Sanders Football Cards

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For someone looking to beef up a football collection, a Deion Sanders rookie card or any other of Deion Sanders football cards would be ideal.  Although the price varies slightly depending on the grade and condition of the card, the 1989 Score #246 Rookie Card with an 8 grade sells for $25. Value of Deion […]

Value of Bob Lilly Football Cards

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Most of Bob Lilly football cards are popular choices to include the Bob Lilly rookie card.  Although the price of his cards vary based on the card’s grade, condition, and even the seller, considering his legacy in the game even the higher priced cards make a great investment.  For instance, one of the higher priced […]

Emmitt Smith Rookie Cards and Football Cards

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Emmitt Smith rookie cards are some of the most popular football cards in a hobby. Cowboy’s fans can’t get enough of Emmitt Smith and showed up by the thousands at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Emmitt was honored by his many teammates and outstanding fans. He will always be remembered as one of you […]

Best Tony Romo Rookie Cards

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Tony Romo rookie cards or some of the most popular football cards in the hobby. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback as many analysts predicting a Super Bowl appearance in the upcoming NFL season. There is no doubt that Tony Romo has all the skills and offensive weapons to help him achieve greatness. When Romo was drafted […]

Deion Sanders Rookie Football Card

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Deion Sanders rookie cards continue to be great investments as time goes on.  Deion was nominated to be one of the 50 Greatest football players of all-time and changed the game as we know it.  He played for the Falcons, Cowboys and 49ers and is still regarded as the best corner back ever to play […]