Michael Jordan Rookie Basketball Card

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If you are going to start collecting cards, you could potentially do worse than starting your collection with a Michael Jordan rookie card. The value of cards is basically driven by popularity, character and reputation. Michael Jordan is held in high regard by both the general public and his peers.

Generally cards aren't as popular as other sports, for instance, baseball. However there are exceptions to the rule. Michael Jordan rookie cards are one of the exceptions. Much the same way that baseball card collectors like to collect cards from home run hitters, football card collectors like to collect star players, and a Michael Jordan basketball card fits that criteria.

Besides traditional sports cards, other memorabilia is very popular as well. game used jersey are a perfect example. Collecting autographs of our favorite stars is certainly a niche for collectors to concentrate on, in and of itself. As for instance, a Peyton Manning signature card may bring ten or 20 times the value of a conventional sports card.
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At the end of the day whether collectors choose autographed cards or normal cards, they are mostly worried with an individual card value. In other words, regardless of how many cards you collect of Michael Jordan, the most important thing would be the price. Unquestionably a Michael Jordan rookie card value will continue to grow.
We must always attach a disclaimer here. The Michael Jordan basketball card value will continue to grow, but that may be predicated on his aptitude to produce on the field, and his personal behavior off the field. People like to collect their favorite sports heroes, but they do not desire to see them on local law enforcement arrest reports. Sadly, a lot of today's sports stars find themselves in such a position.

Almost everyone, who amass sports cards, track the value of their cards about each day. For instance, how much is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth? That value will basically be assigned by the availability as well as the demand for owning a Michael Jordan card.

There is a colossal marketplace in terms of buying and selling sports cards. The The web has made the access to sports cards readily available. There are literally tons of websites, where you'll be able to establish the value of your sports cards and buy a Michael Jordan rookie card. Intelligent enthusiasts will always be aware of what they pay for their cards, since the majority should sell their cards at some point. In general, you are able to sell a Michael Jordan rookie card on identical web sites where you should buy them. This is one of the benefits of collecting sports cards.
One chief concerns that enthusiasts face when collecting sports cards is determining what is the greatest card to collect for value. There are many sports card companies, but the marketplace and collectors will dictate, usually, which can be the very best card or cards to collect. For instance, let's take a look at Michael Jordan. His1986-87 Fleer rookie card and his 1984-85 Star Basketball rookie card are his finest cards. Once more, supply and demand will resolve the cost, presently the value of your 1986-87 Fleer rookie card is $6000. That's not to say that all collectors will follow these cards, but the majority of smart collectors will. This blueprint will generally be the exact same for all sports stars, but this example provides, an illustration of the value of Michael Jordan cards.

Michael Jordan best Rookie Card- 2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Autograph Rookie Card

Investment Potential- Michael Jordan rookie cards have always been the most valuable cards in the industry and will continue to be.  He is the leader of the Chicago Bulls and was possibly the greatest basketball player ever to play the game. He was one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA.  We Rate his cards as 5 out of 5 rating when it comes to investment potential.

Michael Jordan Rookie Card Checklist

1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card

1984-85 Star Basketball Michael Jordan Rookie Card

1994 Upper Deck baseball Michael Jordan Rookie Card

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