Top 3 Jayson Werth Rookie Cards

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Jayson Werth rookie cardJayson Werth rookie cards became a hot collectible in the baseball card collecting world when he burst onto the scene with the Philadelphia Phillies. Since that time his cards have appreciated in value steadily

Value of Jayson Werth Rookie Cards

The price of a Jayson Werth rookie card is determined by a few factors. The condition of the card or cards is vital to its value. The better the condition the more the Jayson Werth rookie card is worth.  Scarcity also a determining factor when figuring out how much a Jayson Werth rookie card is worth. Like condition, scarcity can make a big difference when it comes to pricing.

Best and Most Valuable Jayson Werth Rookie Card- 1997 Bowman Chrome Jayson Werth Rookie.  This is also his most expensive rookie card.

Jayson Werth Bio- Collectors of baseball cards should not overlook the Jayson Werth rookie card.  The 1997 Bowman #433 Rookie Card with the Baltimore Orioles in mind condition sells for about $15 with an autographed card being slightly higher.

His father, Jeff Gowan, was a former minor leaguer with the St. Louis Cardinals, his grandfather, Ducky Schofield and an uncle, Dick Schofield, both former MLB infielders, and his step-father, Dennis Werth played five years with the KC  Royals and NY Yankees.  First noticed as a high school senior with a .652 batting average, he signed with the Baltimore Orioles in 1997 as a first round draft pick although initially planned to play college ball.  However, before playing in the Majors, he was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, getting his professional debut in 2002.  In 2004, he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers but a broken wrist and surgery kept him out of the 2006 season.

Then, he signed a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, earning a career high five hits, surpassing Pete Rose’s record of 8-for-8 in 1979 for hits in consecutive plate appearances, and helping his team to a World Series victory.  In January of 2009, a new two-year contract deal was secured with the Phillies, during which time he became the 14th player to hit a homerun into Toronto’s Rogers Center to the 500 level.

Werth was voted as the Unsung Star of the Year in 2009 by fans and recently, inked a seven-year contract with the Washington Nationals.  This player has many more years to rack up awards and beat old records, which is why finding a Jayson Werth rookie card on eBay is a must.

Teams Jayson Werth has Played For- Philadelphia Phillies, Washington nationals

Top 3 Jayson Werth Rookie Cards- These are some of the best Jayson Werth Rookie cards and some of his most expensive.

  • 1997 Bowman Chrome Jayson Werth Rookie
  • 1997 Bowman Jayson Werth Rookie 1st Bowman Card #433
  • Jayson Werth RC Team Best

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