Top 3 Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards

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Finding and buying a Mickey Mantle rookie card is a goal of millions of baseball collectors or Yankee’s fans.  However, this card comes at a price.  An autographed 1952 Topps Rookie Card, graded sells for about $11,000 whereas a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie Card, New York Yankees is slightly less expensive with a price tag about $6,500.

Value of Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards

The price of a Mickey Mantle rookie card is determined by a few factors. The condition of the card or cards is vital to its value. The better the condition the more the Mickey Mantle rookie card is worth.  Scarcity also a determining factor when figuring out how much a Mickey Mantle rookie card is worth. Like condition, scarcity can make a big difference when it comes to pricing.

Best and Most Valuable Mickey Mantle Rookie Card- 1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle.  This is also his most expensive rookie card.

Mickey Mantle Bio-
When talking about the greatest players in the history of Major League Baseball, certain names always come up such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and of course, Mickey Mantle.  The list of achievements that brought Mantle to becoming an inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974 is long.  He ranks number nine on the MLB All-Time Adjusted Batting Runs List, ranks seventh on the MLB All-Time Offensive Win Percentage List, was an AL MVP three times, won the AL Triple Crown in 1956, he was a recipient of the Gold Glove Award in 1962, and the list goes on.  While an outstanding performer on the field, some people are still unaware that Mantle was an alcoholic who was never faithful in his marriage.  Sadly, his wife, Merlyn, as well as all four of his sons also became alcoholics.  In fact, at his retirement ceremony in 1969, it was his mistress there with his wife to offer support.  No matter the life Mantle lived outside of professional baseball, he will go down in history as being one of the greatest, which is why owning a Mickey Mantle rookie card is truly an honor.  Because the price is high and the cards somewhat challenging to find, many people turn to professional sports memorabilia dealers but on occasion, eBay and other online sites sell his cards too.

Teams Mickey Mantle has Played For- New York Yankees

Top 3 Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards- These are some of the best Mickey Mantle Rookie cards and some of his most expensive.

1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle
1952 Bowman #101 Mickey Mantle
1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle

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