Top 3 Paul Konerko Rookie Cards

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Paul Konerko rookie cards are selling like hot cakes.  The White Sox have had a history of having some great 1st baseman.  Konerko is now being mentioned with names like Frank Thomas and Jim Thome.  He has put up some amazing power numbers this year and has been one of the few consistent hitters in the White Sox lineup.  There are many Paul Konerko rookie paul-konerko-rookie-cardcards that can be purchased for under $5.00.  That is pretty amazing when you consider how talented he is.  Some of his cards are very hard to find in good condition due to poor printing and typical corner wear.

Value of Paul Konerko Rookie Cards

The value of a Paul Konerko baseball rookie cards are determined by a few factors. The condition is the key element to consider when pricing any baseball card. The better the condition the more the Paul Konerko rookie card is worth.  Scarcity is also very important when deciding how much a Paul Konerko rookie card is worth. Like condition, scarcity can make a huge difference when it comes to pricing.  Many of his cards are not very scarce but are difficult to find in premium condition.

Most Expensive Paul Konerko Rookie Card- 1994 Signature Rookie Paul Konerko autograph rookie card.

Teams Paul Konerko has Played For- Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers

Best Paul Konerko Rookie Cards- These are some of the greatest Konerko cards ever created. These cards are also the cards that are most often bought and sold on auctions sites like Ebay.

  • 1994 Signature Rookie Paul Konerko autograph rookie card
  • 1994 Topps Traded Paul Konerko rookie card
  • 1995 Pinnacle Paul Konerko rookie card

Buyers must decide which Konerko rookie card has the most potential for future gains.  Paul Konerko rookie cards can be worth a lot of money if you know which ones to buy. Paul Konerko autograph cards are also very popular collectibles.  If he continues to play at the level he has this year he will become the face of the White Sox franchise.

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