Top 5 James Shields Rookie Cards

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James Shields rookie cards are some of the hottest cards in the industry.  James Shields has had an amazing year.  He has tweaked his mechanics which has helped him have a huge season for the Tampa Bay Rays.  With him and David Price the Rays have one of the best one two punches in the major leagues.   His success has had a dramatic affect on his rookie cards.  james-shields-rookie-cardBuyers have been looking for high end James Shields rookie cards to invest in.  Some of his better cards are very cheap compared to those of his teammates.

Value of James Shields Rookie Cards

The value of a James Shields rookie is determined by a few factors. Scarcity can play a big role in how much his cards are worth.  The condition of the card or cards is also vital to its price. The better the condition the more the James Shields rookie card is worth.  When deciding how much a James Shields rookie card is worth, buyers have to pay close attention to all of these factors.

Most Expensive James Shields Rookie Card- 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection James Shield autograph rookie card.  These cards are currently being sold for around $40 online.

Best James Shields Rookie Cards of all-time- These are some of the greatest Shields cards ever created.

  • 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection James Shield autograph rookie card ($40)
  • 2006 Bowman Sterling James Shields rookie card ($5)
  • 2006 Bowman Chrome James Shields rookie card ($4)

James Shields rookie cards can be worth a lot of money if you know which ones to buy. James Shields autograph cards are also very popular collectibles.  The Rays have one of the youngest teams in the majors which make them competitors in the tough AL East.  The more attention the Rays get the more James Shields rookie cards will be worth.
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