Trent Edwards Rookie Football Card

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Trent Edwards rookie cards started to gain steam with the signing of Terrell Owens.  Edwards has alot of weapons that can help him put up some great numbers.  With Owens and Lee Evans his numbers should be better this year than last.  His running game should also be better with Fred Jackson help Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Trent Edwards rookie cards that sell for the most money are his 2007 Exquisite Jersey Autograph card and his 2007 SP Authentic Rookie Card.  Both cards sell  for $100-$125 each.  Trent also has A bowman chrome and Topps Chrome rookie which are bothe more affordable and popular with collectors.

Trent Edwards best Rookie Card- 2007 Sp Authentic Jersey Autograph Rookie Card.

Investment Potential-Trent Edwards has showed alot of promise and potential.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the upside of his cards.  The problem is Trent Edwards cards will rise only if the Buffalo Bills play well.  That is a big if.  They have the weapons.  If the Bills come out like gangbusters his football cards will get a lot of attention.

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