Value of Bobby Layne Football Cards

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Affordable priced and easy to find, a Bobby Layne rookie card and other Bobby Layne football cards are great for novice and experienced collectors.  For instance, a 1948 Leaf #6 Bobby Layne Rookie Card currently sells for about $100, a 1953 Bowman #21 Bobby Layne Football Card in mint condition between $70 and $400, and a 1951 Bowman #102 Bobby Layne Football Card with the Detroit Lions and in excellent to mint condition for around $50.

Value of Bobby Layne Rookie Cards

The price of a Bobby Layne rookie card is determined by a few factors. The condition of the card or cards is vital to its value. The better the condition the more the Bobby Layne rookie card is worth.  Scarcity also a determining factor when figuring out how much a Bobby Layne rookie card is worth. Like condition, scarcity can make a big difference when it comes to pricing.

Best and Most Valuable Bobby Layne Rookie Card-1948 Leaf #6 Bobby Layne.  This is also his most expensive rookie card.

Bobby Layne Bio-
After playing football in college and being considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Layne went on to become a number one draft choice for the NFL.  He debuted as a professional with the Chicago Bears in 1948 although he also played a year with the New York Bulldogs, eight years with the Detroit Lions, and four years with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Although his primary position was that of quarterback, Layne also served as placekicker.  Layne was chosen to play in the Pro Bowl five times and made the NFL 1950s Decade Team.

Although he had numerous accomplishments, his disappointment upon retiring from the game was never winning a Pittsburgh Steeler championship, although he did go on to serve as assistant coach for the team.  Layne had strong leadership skills and was highly regarded not only among his own team members, but throughout the NFL.  Sadly, Layne was also a heavy drinker and just prior to turning 60 years old, he died from alcoholism but he also dealt with cancer.  The best place to find quality Bobby Layne football cards is without doubt through auction sites.

Teams Bobby Layne has Played For- Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers

Top 3 Bobby Layne Rookie Cards- These are some of the best Bobby Layne Rookie cards and some of his most expensive.

1948 Leaf #6 Bobby Layne
1949 Leaf #67 Bobby Layne
1950 Bowman #37 Bobby Layne

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  1. Nicki Pasculli says:

    I have a Bobby Layne football card – it says Bobby Layne – Quarterback – Detroit Lions he is holding a football and wearing #22 Jersey – the card is manufactured by TCG – there is no date. It also has a section on the back of the card that says “Rub edge of coin over blank space for answer” Any idea of pricing on this??

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