Value of Dan Marino Football Cards

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Considering all that he did for the NFL, it is somewhat surprising that the Dan Marino rookie card is so reasonably priced.  For instance, in near mint condition, the 1984 Topps #123 Dan Marino Rookie Card with a 9 grade sells for $75 while a 10 grade in perfect condition for about $350.

Value of Dan Marino Rookie Cards

The price of a Dan Marino rookie card is determined by a few factors. The condition of the card or cards is vital to its value. The better the condition the more the Dan Marino rookie card is worth.  Scarcity also a determining factor when figuring out how much a Dan Marino rookie card is worth. Like condition, scarcity can make a big difference when it comes to pricing.

Best and Most Valuable Dan Marino Rookie Card- 1984 Topps #123 Dan Marino.  This is also his most expensive rookie card.

Dan Marino Bio- Although he was drafted by the Kansas City Royals to play professional baseball in 1979, he chose to play college football, which ultimately led to him becoming a first round draft pick for the Miami Dolphins as quarterback.  Just a few of the many achievements while in the NFL include being one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the game’s history with incredible passing records, leading his team 10 times to the playoffs during his 17 years playing, and in 2005, being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He broke six full-season passing records, was the NFL Most Valuable Player, and was a key player in the Super Bowl XIX.  Not only is Marino an incredible football player, after retiring, he opened two restaurants, has ownership in a NASCAR race car, was involved in acting, and started a Dan Marino Foundation to help children with Autism after his own son was diagnosed.  A Dan Marion rookie card is indeed a treasure, found online .

Teams Dan Marino has Played For- Miami Dolphins

Top 3 Dan Marino Rookie Cards- These are some of the best Dan Marino Rookie cards and some of his most expensive.

1984 Topps #123 Dan Marino
1984 Topps #124 Dan Marino IR
1984 Topps Glossy Inserts #3 Dan Marino

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